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Nowadays it has become common for everyone to have myopia or hypermetropia. While myopia is found in the younger populace, myopia is found in almost all grown ups. Eyes are really important and without it, life is almost lifeless. To correct these eye disorders of myopia and hypermetropia, special convex and concave glasses are used. The patient is diagnosed with some eye test methods and then the doctor prescribes a power of the eye of which he needs a glass of. The diagnosis and the process takes time and the unique power or the intensity of the person’s far/near sightedness is diagnosed and a prescription is given and the patient gives it to the eyeglass making centers who create a glass according to the given prescription.

But it will take several weeks for the glass to get ready and people have important things to do so an un-corrected eye will be a hindrance in life for people these days. That’s when prescription ready glasses come in handy. With companies providing prescription ready glasses which have already been made for almost all possible power/intensity levels of the person’s sightedness order. The person can get their glasses instantly and skip the long creating glass period. Thus prescription ready glasses have a key role in the whole process and they make it more convenient and hassle free for the person.

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