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Maintaining and Caring for Your Eyewear

There’s alot that goes into choosing the right eyewear. Eyeglasses are part of your identity and a reflection of you as a person. Just like choosing the perfect outfit, your eyewear makes an impression, perhaps a first impression that can define who you are as an indidivual. Choosing the right style, color and pattern can be a painstaking process but once the choice has been made it also can be equally gratifying. After all that time and effort, once you’ve made your choice you’ll want to care for your new frames in the best way possible so they’ll last you years to come. Here are some frame maintenance tips to help you along the way.

  • Don’t just wipe and go. This step is often overlooked but don’t forget it. You’ll want to rinse your lenses first to ensure you don’t accidentally scratch them.

  • Anti-fog spray. We recommend “Zero Fog”. This magical spray will keep your eyeglass lens from fogging up while wearing a mask or face covering.

  • Handling care. Without question, your frames are crafted to be durable but with proper handling, they can last even longer. Be sure to hold your frames by the bridge to prevent bending the frame itself.

  • Drying. Whenever possible, allow your eyewear to air dry. This can prevent putting debris and dust back onto your clean lenses. If this isn’t feasible, use a proper lint-free, microfiber cloth.

  • Choose the proper cloth. Always select a proper, lint-free cloth to wipe your lens with. 100% cotton or micro-fiber is the best choice and try to avoid using just any handily available material.

  • Frequency. Expect to wash your lenses at least once per day or more. Your eyes will thank you and less eye strain could mean less eye-strained induced headaches too!

  • Storage. This is important because improper storage is the leading cause of scratches and breakage. A pouch is a handy solution but a hard case will ensure your prized eyewear won’t get accidentally crushed.

If you follow these simple steps, you can expect to keep those designer rims in tip-top shape for many years to come. If however, an accident happens (and they do happen) just contact us at FrameSaver to get them fixed up like new in no time. We also have an extensive collection of beautiful new frames to choose from if you’re due for a fashion upgrade or just want to try something new and fresh.

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